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40Gb IDE 7200RPM
     WD400BB ATA100                                $115
     WD400JB ATA100 8MB                        $135     
     Seagate CUDA7200                             $135
80Gb IDE 7200 RPM
     WD800BB ATA100                                $135
     WD800JB ATA100 8MB                        $150
     Seagate CUDA7200                             $160
     Seagate CUDA7200 SATA 8MB         $180
120Gb IDE 7200 RPM
     WD1200JB ATA100 8MB                      $175
     WD1200JD SATA 8MB                          $190
     Seagate CUDA7200                              $185
     Seagate CUDA7200 SATA 8MB          $215
160Gb IDE 7200 RPM
     WD1600JB ATA100 8MB                      $215
     Seagate CUDA7200                              $215
     Seagate CUDA7200  8MB                    $235
     Seagate CUDA7200  SATA 8MB         $250
200Gb IDE 7200 RPM
     WD2000JB ATA100 8MB                      $285
     WD2000JD SATA  8MB                         $295
     Seagate CUDA7200  8MB                    $290
250Gb IDE 7200 RPM
     WD2500JB ATA100 8MB                      $375
     WD2500JD SATA 8MB                          $420
 SATA 1000RPM  
     WD740GD S ATA 8MB  74GB              $425
SCSI Hard Disk Drive 10KRPM 68pin or 80pin
     Seagate Cheetah 36GB U320            $295
     Seagate Cheetah 73GB U320            $585
     Seagate Cheetah 146GB U320          $1250
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