At Weltech, we provide comprehensive, proven and tailor-made computer solutions to our customers.
Our services include:
ADSL and Security
To be able to use the internet application and access intranet remotely, ADSL connection, VPN and security issues are the most critical issues that the businesses should consider, the team of professionals at Weltech can give you valuable advices on these issues.
Network Design and Implementation
Businesses often find that designing an effective and secure computer network is a very challenging task, our teams at Weltech can tailor-made an effective and cost-saving networking solution for you.
Business Web Design and Build
The internet web sites designed by us are no longer just publishing the brochure on the internet, they are integrated with secure database, online shopping carts, and other features which can target the right audiences.
To find out more about our services, please contact us on +61 2 9460 6210 or email us