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AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz, 256m, 20G, 13"TF
AMD Athlon 1.5Ghz, 256m, 30G, 14"TF, DVD, 56k, XP Pro
P4 2G, 20G, 256M, 14"TFT,CD, 56k, XP Pro
P4 2.4G, 20G, 256M, 15"TFT, 56K, DVD/CDRW, XP Pro.
Satellite 1410, C1.8, 20G, 256m, 15"TFT
Satellite2410, P4 1.8G, 15"TFT, 30Gb, 256mb, DVD/CDRW, 56kb
Satellite TE2200, P4 2G, 14"TFT, CDRW, XP pro, 40Gb, 256mb, DVD/CDRW, 56K
TE6100, P4 2G, 256mb, 60G, CDRW, DVD, LAN, Wireless, 15"UXGA, 56K
Thinkpad, P4, 2.4Ghz, 14"XGA
Thinkpad, P4, 2.4 Ghz, CDRW, 256Mb, 40G, 15"TFT, XP Pro
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